About Me

Wow…To me the “about me” page is one of the most cliche blog concepts in the blogosphere. Even though it is cliche I know that I always end up reading these and if you’re visiting this page than apparently you do as well.  So here are a few words about me ( Why do I always feel narcissistic whenever I write something like this?!)

I’m a 30 something year old man that is disappointed that I never developed any super powers. I also never got an invite to join Rogue squadron or Star fleet academy.  What I did do is go off to college, graduate, get a job, and reproduce.  I am the proud and exhausted parent of 2 children.  As you can tell by my blog I love comic books. I’ve read them since I was a wee lad working on a moisture farm…..Luke got to go be a Jedi and I ended up stuck on the planet that is farthest from the bright center of the universe. Oh wait..sorry my fan fic is once again interfering with my “About Me”.

As I was saying before I so rudely interrupted myself I love comic books, Sci fi and Cheesy horror movies, and Mexican food. I also love Metal and industrial music with a little modern rock, classic rock and punk thrown in to spice up my playlists.

So there you go! A basic “about me” for those bored enough to make it through this page.


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