Reading Material

September 19, 2016

It is no secret that one of my favorite things to do is read.  A couple of months ago DC comics revitalized their line with the “rebirth” event. They wanted to return creatively to what made their staple of characters great. They have done such a great job that I am reading all DC comics currently because they are so good! I have always been more of a DC guy but I did follow a lot of Marvel books for awhile.  Unfortunately for Marvel their comics have been pretty terrible of late and so DC gets all of my comic book money. Two books in particular have been my favorite reads the past few months.

Green Arrow has been amazing. It has been great seeing Green Arrow with Black Canary again. The art and story have been intense!  Green Arrow is a long time favorite for me so seeing him in well written media makes me giddy! In a manly nerdy way of course.



The other comic that I have been loving is Detective Comics. In it Batman has assembled a team of heroes to train and help him patrol Gotham. It has been a lot of fun seeing Clayface fight for the good guys.  The art and story have been fantastic.



I have also started the Brimstone Angels series of Forgotten Realms novels. It is a darker take on the Realms then I have previously read. Of course it is to be expected when the main character is a Tiefling Warlock.  The best thing to me about it is that Erin Evans writes believable three dimensional characters.  The main characters and several of the side ones have a lot of depth and add a lot to her overall narrative. It has kept me hooked. I am in the second book of the series now called “Lesser Evils”.


So what have you guys been into of late?