A Nerd Among Normals

August 18, 2016

About a year ago I started a new job building cars. It was a huge shift away from everything I had done before.  At my previous jobs I always found people that I had things in common with. At my current job that wasn’t the case.

No one was into books, comics, games or even the same TV shows as me. They watch football and I watch Star Trek.  They go clubbing and I go to the bookstore.  They fish and I roll funny looking dice.




Now don’t get me wrong I am used to being the odd man out. It’s just that usually there is another odd man or woman out that I can have a conversation with.  So what did I do? Well at first I resigned myself to lonely days at work. Then slowly I started making friends.  I just started talking to people here and there about whatever I could. I am a parent and a lot of the people I work with are parents. So we talked kids. Then I found someone with similar music taste. So we talked music.  Eventually I found myself enjoying the company of some of these people. I no longer felt like a Vulcan in the company of Klingons.


Through this experience I have learned an important lesson.  One human being can eventually find ways to communicate with and build bridges to another human being with a little effort.

I’m still considered weird by many of my coworkers but at least now I can laugh with them. Who knows I may even become a football fanatic this year and become one of those guys that posts annoying football memes on facebook.  War Damn Eagle!