Basic Gamestore Etiquette- Don’t be a Gamehole.

March 24, 2014

So last night I was playing in a heroclix tournament at my local game and comics shop when I noticed not one but two instances of a breach in games store etiquette.  This inspired me to type out this blog. I present what I will call the 2 basic rules of game store etiquette.

1-      Keep your opinion of someone else’s fun to yourself. What I mean by this is if someone is taking part in a game you don’t like don’t tell them so. It is none of your damn business.  Last night two different people decided to inject into our games their views on why they dislike heroclix. You know what?  There are a lot of games played at my local game store that I don’t care for.  I don’t like Warmachine, or 40k or any game where you pay 15-20 bucks for a broken figure that isn’t even painted.   I understand that some people get a warm and fuzzy feeling inside when they glue and paint their own figures. It just isn’t for me.  I don’t walk up to their tables where they are playing Warmachine and tell them that. Why not? Because that would make me an asshole. Telling people how much you dislike a game they are enjoying is a dick move.  I don’t care if you think certain clix rules are broken. I don’t care what grievance you have with the game I am playing. If you actually show up and play heroclix regularly then you can at least have room to talk. Otherwise piss off and let me enjoy my rules broken superhero game in peace.


2-      Don’t walk up and pick up a figure that doesn’t belong to you. Last night some guy that I don’t know walked up to my table and picked up one of my heroclix. I had to bite my lip to keep from letting this guy have it. Leave other people’s stuff alone unless you have permission to touch it. I thought this was the most basic rule that most geeks would understand. Once again this guy didn’t play heroclix and didn’t seem all that interested in it. Regardless it is poor form to touch someone else’s toys. PERIOD!


Everyone gets into games to have fun. Not everyone will enjoy the same thing. People are different. Don’t infringe on someone else’s fun because you think you know it all. Don’t be a gamehole.


Suffering and Struggle

March 16, 2014

What do you do when you reach that point where everything you believed in has seemingly failed you? When you feel as though you are trapped at the bottom of an abyss with no way to climb up. Though you try and struggle to climb you end up falling down again. All you have to show for your efforts are blood soaked hands where you cut yourself trying to grasp at something, at anything that will hold you secure.  

That is where I find myself these days.  I have heard it all:

 “Believe in yourself”,

 “Do these steps and you will go far kid…”

 “Jesus Christ will help you if you do this…”  

All of these platitudes seem as vanity to me.  Perhaps I am being a spoiled brat. I should be grateful to just be alive. Well excuse me if I still desire and hope for more.  When I was 17 I accepted Jesus into my heart.  At 33 I watched it fall apart and God did nothing.  I went from having a career to pushing boxes of books around an office.  I went from being married with my own home to living with my mom again. A victim of ruin that follows most men after a divorce. 

Despite all of this a part of me still hopes. I raise my scarred hands to grasp at the blood soaked rocks of destiny.  My broken spirit still tries to soar to the heights of success. My cold and shattered heart still looks for the warm comfort of love. 

This is my existence. Indeed I find myself wondering if life is more about the struggle then the goal. Perhaps suffering is what we are here for?  Is emotional suffering what I am here for?

I don’t know any of the answers. All I know is that I will keep on trying until the peaceful embrace of death takes me.  As a wise vampire with a soul once uttered “If nothing we do matters then all that matters is what we do.”