My Favorites of 2013 Part 1 Uncanny Avengers!

Best ongoing comic book series: Uncanny Avengers


Of the titles I read monthly THIS is the one I look forward to the most.  It has been a crazy read thus far and I would argue it is more eventful than any of Marvel or Dc’s “event” books.  This team was formed after the calamities that occurred in 2012’s Avengers vs. X-Men mini- series. Captain America decides that  a unity squad with a roster made up of half Avengers and half X-Men is needed to show the world that mutants and humans can coexist together.  Great idea Cap! What could go wrong?


Years of mistrust and anger between different characters in this book causes….


I don’t want to give it away. You’ll have to either read it yourself or hit up Wikipedia. All I can say is it is EPIC!

This series draws heavily from past Avengers and X-Men stories.  For me that is one of the reasons I love this comic so much.


However if you have never read Marvel comics then this probably wouldn’t be the book to jump into.  2013 made mine Marvel…

That does it for today folks. My favorites part 2 (movies) will be coming soon!


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