This week was a light comic book week for me. The only books that came out that I normally get were Ultimate Comics Ultimates #4 and the second issue of the Legion of Super-Heroes Secret Origin mini-series. On a whim I picked up Avenging Spider-Man #1. For me this week belonged soundly to Marvel. Read on to find out why:

Legion Of Super-Heroes Secret Origin #2

This was the second issue of a “Secret Origins” mini series for the Legion written by Paul Levitz who is currently writing the Legion Of Super-Heroes ongoing book.  So far this has left me seriously underwhelmed.  In this issue the eccentric rich old guy bankrolling the Legion( RJ Brande) is the target of several assasination attempts. All of which are foiled by the Legion.  Levitz tried for some humor between Saturn Girl and Brande. Let’s just say that Levitz is not a comedian and move on.   The art is far from the eye candy that one expects from comic book artists.  It isn’t bad but it isn’t good either. It is bland. The inks and coloring on this book are bland as well. In fact there is nothing note-worthy about this comic at all. If you want to read a good Legion of Super-Heroes book than check out Legion Lost or Legion of Super-Heroes. Stay far away from “Secret Origin”.

Grade: 4 out of 10

Ultimate Comics Ultimates #4

The fourth issue of the Ultimates was a solid comic.  Esad Ribic’s excellent pencils perfectly potray the epic story that Jonathan Hickman is telling. The characters are expressive, the tech looks “cool” and Thor is pissed!  All of which makes for great storytelling.  The stakes are high for the Ultimates. I can’t wait until the next issue! This is worth a read.

Grade: 8 out of 10.

Avenging Spider-Man #1

Finally we have Avenging Spider-Man #1. This comic is what so may other comics aren’t today. It is a fun read! This is going to be a team up book where Spidey teams up with different Marvel heroes to stop the bad guys from doing what bad guys normally do.  This first arc is a team up between Spider-Man and the Red Hulk.  Zeb Wells did a fanatstic job scripting this book. The humor is top notch as is the adventure.  To put it bluntly he made me interested in a story that has the Red Hulk in it. I hate the Red Hulk. I think his creation is one of the dumbest things Marvel has done in the last ten years. Yet I loved this comic! I even started to care about this Hulk. That my friends is good writing.   The reason I gave this book a chance is becuase it is drawn by one of my favorite artists Joe Madureira.  His art did not dissapoint.  The action and the characters are bueatifully pencilled.  If I were to recomend any comic book to someone right now it would be Avenging Spider-Man.  

Grade 10 out of 10

I had two great books from Marvel and one dud from DC this week. Marvel wins this week. 



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