Good Stuff In September

September 30, 2011

I am back. For some reason I feel compelled to keep this blog going. I tried to update earlier this month using a crappy laptop and let’s just say things didn’t work out. I hate that laptop. It will not be on my “good stuff in September” list.  So what did I enjoy this past month?  I’ll start with some of my favorite comics.

DC relaunched all of their books this past month and I picked up quite a few of them.  My favorite relaunch titles are a tie between Nightwing and Justice League International.  As a long time Wingnut seeing Dick back in action as a wiser and more competant Nightwing was a welcome sight.  The writer of this book gets Nightwing and truly seems to understand and love the character.  It seems that the days of having terrible writers on this book are long over.  Justice League International I picked up on a whim. After I read it I immediatly added it to my pull list.  In this comic the U.N decided that they want a Super hero team of their own that they can control. So they assemble a group of heroes and send them on their first mission.  It was a great read and I look forward to future issues.  



Honorable mention goes to Justice League Dark.  You can’t go wrong reading any Justice League book right now.  I have also enjoyed Marvel’s relaunch of their Ultimate Universe. All four of those books have been an excellent read and it is nice to be able to follow an entire universe.  I hope the Ultimate line stays small and streamlined. It is everything the Marvel universe isn’t right now.  The Ultimate U is entertaining and engaging.  In this universe we have new Spider-Man, an outlaw team of X-men and all sorts of insanity happening to the Ultimates.  Great stuff!

Finally, two bands I like put out great records. Sleeping Giant put out a record called “Kingdom Days in an Evil Age” .  It is no holds bar in your face Christian metalcore. This is the way more spiritual bands should approach their music. It is crushing and encouraging at the same time.

 Opeth also released a great record. It is a lot different from their past efforts and I think that is one of the reasons I love it so much.  It has more of a folk feel while remaining dark as ever.  The muscicianship on this album blows me away with each listen. In case for some reason you don’t know….. Opeth is not a Christian band. I listen to the music I like regardless of religious affiliation. They are just good ole heathen music….  I didn’t want someone to pick up “Heritage” and expect some awesome Jesus loving songs….

So that is what was good for me in September.  Next month is Halloween! I love this time of year.