The Summer of Death, Mayhem and Reboots!

July 4, 2011

For comic book fans this has been one insane summer so far. *Spoiler Alert*  First off we have the Fear Itself event in the Main marvel Universe. While I don’t think anyone knows where this story is headed( Sometimes I don’t think the writer knows where it is going) it has already shaken the Marvel U to its core with the death of Bucky Barnes. Who has been Captain America in the Marvel U for the past couple of years.  I for one loved Bucky as Cap and was sad to see him die…again.



This of course opens the door for Steve Rogers to be Captain America again. Just in time for the movie!

Then there is Marvel’s Ultimate universe where Peter Parker went to be with Uncle Ben.


This opens the door for Marvel to do what they love to do. Put out a brand new onslaught of first issue Ultimate books.  Just in time to compete with DCs big relaunch will I will talk about after the pics of the Relaunched Ultimate books. The big question remains ” Now that Peter is dead who will be Spider-Man in the Ultimate U?”

This version of Spider-Man seems to have picked up his costume at the local Hot Topic…

The biggest news for me as A hardcore DC fan was that after the “Flashpoint” event the DCU will be relaunched. 52 first issues all coming out in September. Either DC is really Brave or really Bold….Pun intended.  Flashpoint has been awesome so far and I look forward to some of the new books that DC will put out in September. The only part that bothers me is that there will be no JSA. Where did the old codger heroes end up? Maybe back on Earth 2? I guess we will find out at some point this fall.

Now for some pictures of some of the first issues hitting stores this September and also some of the costume redesigns.

I think that Africa needs a Bat person…

The Legion of Superheroes looks pretty much the same to me.



One thing I like about DC’s relaunch is that they will also have the comics available for sale digitally on the day the book hits stores.  As someone who for the longest time lived far away from a comic shop I can see the value in this. I hope that DC is able to expand their audience through this. As for me….well I like holding the comic book in my hand BUT for some event books I might go digital.

To me though half the fun of reading comics is seeing your collection grow. It is fun to end up with entire runs of one’s favorite long lived or short lived series.

Also as a comic book fan I know what I will be buying this fall and what I will not give a second thought too.  I only have so much money to spend on books after all.  DC and Marvel are both giving me a lot of great choices this fall.  I am curious to see how the new Ultimate books will be and how many of DC’s 52 titles survive until next year. It will also be interesting to see if the comic book buying public ends up liking a different set of titles than the digital buyers.

How will this change comics?  I don’t think anyone knows.