The Reboot is officially a Hit With Me

June 7, 2011

DC Entertainment has released a lot of new info regarding September’s reboot.  I have gone from skeptical to excited for this.  The announcement that Nightwing will be back was a huge boost for me. His new outfit is sleek!

While I have enjoyed seeing Grayson as Batman I think that we all knew deep down that DC really only has one Batman and that is Bruce Wayne.   So far the DC books I will be picking up in September are Nightwing, Green Arrow, Justice League, and Frankenstein Agent of Shade.

If these books turn out to be as good as the cover artwork then this relaunch will be the best thing that DC has done since 1985.  



The DCU reboo….err vamp

June 4, 2011

The cover to Flashpoint number 1 DCs universe altering mini series.

Last week DC entertainment confirmed that following the current event comic “Flashpoint” the DC universe would be “revamped” and “different”.  Fans will see new creative teams on several books, a few updated costume designs, and DC is relaunching their entire line of books at issue number ones.  In fact from what I have been reading everywhere DC is going to launch 52 new titles in September. My first reaction to the news was a loud “noooo!” After which I contemplated dropping all of my DC books except Flashpoint until the September relaunch. Well I didn’t drop my DC books and after thinking on it I decided that there were a few good things that could come out of this relaunch.   First off a new Justice League America series will be written by DC superstar writer Geoff Johns with Jim Lee on art.  What fan wouldn’t want to read a book with that team on it?!   Plus Geoff is also DC’s creative director so hopefully this book won’t suffer from the editorial nonsense that has harmed it in the past.  No one at DC is going to tell Geoff how to write a comic book. If they try they should be tossed out of a window.

From what info they have released so far I think that I will once again have a readable Green Arrow book to follow.  I love GA but I haven’t really enjoyed his book since back when Judd Winnick was writing it.  I also didn’t like last years relaunch with him becoming protector of the star city crazy forest during Brightest Day. I like him best as a crime fighter with a bow and a big mouth. JT Krul will be penning this series. I have enjoyed everything I have read by him so I am optimistic about this series.

I have a friend that is a huge Aquaman fan. So I am happy for him that a new Aquaman series written by Geoff Johns the awesome will launch in September.

Despite the good that could come out of it I do have a few questions about this move:

1- What will become of Dick Grayson? Will he be de-aged back into Robin? If so what becomes of Tim, Damien and Jason?

2-  Is it wise to relaunch 52 comics  in one month?  So far of the ones i’ve seen mentioned I know for sure that I will read JLA, Green Arrow and Teen Titans.

3- Are the stories I am currently reading useless or will they become events of an alternate universe where Dick and Bruce are Batman? etc.

One thing is for sure about this. It is a ballsy move on the part of DC.  I am just wondering how many of the 52 titles will be able to find an audience.  I suppose that only time will tell and hopefully some things will get clearer the closer we get to the last week in August… When the final issue of Flashpoint drops and nukes the entire DCU.

On a side note Flashpoint is really good.  Read it. Now.