My Pulls For 2-16-11

Three comics landed in my box at my Local comic shop this week- Justice League of America #54, Uncanny X-Force #5, and Dungeons and Dragons #4. So how were they? I’m glad you asked….



Justice League has become the DC book I most look forward to reading every month.  This month’s issue once again kept me wanting more. This is a great “jumping on” point for people that haven’t been following this book. It gives you a brief look at what the JLA has been up to the last couple of months and then it jumps right into the new arc which sees the return of Eclipso.  The focus of this book is Eclipso as he gathers minions for a nefarious plot that has yet to be revealed.  The dialogue between the possessed host and Eclipso not only keeps the story moving forward but it also serves as a great introduction to the motives and origin of the villain.  The art is the best i’ve seen in this book. Rapmunds  inks perfectly compliment Booth’s pencils which creates visually captivating panels that guide your eyes through this brilliant issue.  This was my favorite book of the week.

Uncanny X-Force is the only main Marvel universe book that I am reading right now.  In fact this is the only “X” comic that I have ever had any interest in. I picked up the first issue on a whim and it continues to be a great read. Rick Remender begins a new arc in this issue. It also deals with the ramifications of something that happened at the end of the last issue. Great character work, great artwork, and great stories keep this book on my subscription list. This is THE marvel book that everyone should be reading.

Finally, we have the fourth issue of the new Dungeons and Dragons comic from IDW.  What I love most about this comic is that it truly captures the feel of the game.   I could totally see some of this stuff happening during a tabletop session of D and D.  So far it has been a wild ride for the adventuring party that is featured in this book. They’ve braved Zombies, Orcs, and traps to get to the bottom of the Shadowplague.  I am looking forward to the conclusion of this arc next issue.  This book continues to have a perfect mix of comedy,action and drama.  Another great comic worth picking up if you have a few extra gp handy.

Overall this was a good week for me. I loved all of the books I picked up. It was difficult for me to decide which one was my favorite. Justice League only slightly won out over the other two.


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