Halloween Goodness: Vampires

October 26, 2010
Today seemed like a good day to discuss the Vampire. Now when I was young Vampires only came out at night and they weren’t glittery.  In fact if a Vampire glowed it meant that he was about to explode. Times may have changed thanks to the horrible Twilight series but my favorite Vampire stuff will always have a special place in my heart. At least until it gets run through with a stake..
My favorite Vampire movie is Francis Ford Coppola’s  Dracula!  Gary Oldman plays a magnificent Dracula in this film.  This was THE vampire movie when I was a teenager.  I’ll also admit that my virginal teenage self also enjoyed the hot naked Vampire chicks in this movie. Hey..At least I admit it!
My favorite TV show about a bloodsucker was Angel. It was a spin off of Buffy The Vampire Slayer and it followed the misadventures of Angel who was a vampire with a soul…most of the time anyway.
When I was a lonely nerdy teen with no life my favorite pen and paper RPG was called Vampire The Masquerade. Finally I could live out my Vampire fantasies and get some use out of my D10s.
My favorite Vampire novel is Vampire of the Mist which is set in the gothic horror fantasy world of Ravenloft. The main character is a gold elf vampire that doesn’t  want to be evil. He ends up in the cursed land of Barovia and has a fun time with the notorious Strahd!
Finally the most terrifying  Vampire I have ever seen is this lady:
Haha! I thought it was funny!

Halloween Goodness: Zombies

October 25, 2010

In celebration of Halloween I am going to do daily posts that highlight my favorite movies, comics and whatever else I can think of based on the creature I pick.  Today’s Halloween monster is the zombie. If  glittery Vampires populate pop cultures wet dreams than surely Zombies are in its worst nightmares. After all it is difficult to romanticize a lumbering creature that just wants to eat you and not copulate with you.  So without further ado here are my favorite pieces of zombie goodness.

By far my favorite zombie movie is 28 Days Later. The movie has a great cast and some truly terrifying zombies. Although in the movie we find out that sometimes human nature can be worse than zombies when it is pushed to the limits.

As far as Zombie comedies go “Zombieland” is my favorite.  The Bill Murray scenes alone make this movie worth seeing.  Honorable mention goes to “Shaun of the Dead”.

My favorite piece of music inspired by Zombies is the “Zombie EP” that was put out by The Devil Wears Prada earlier this year.  There aren’t enough Zombie concept albums in music.  This record is good and heavy. It is the heaviest thing that i’ve ever heard out of these guys. They should write this way more often.

My favorite Zombie board game is “Last Night on Earth” . This game is a regular zombie hootananny!

Finally my favorite Zombie comic book event is Blackest Night. That story line was awesome and it put to shame Marvel’s lame attempts at zombie stories.

What are some of your favorite zombie items/movies/whatever?