Thor #615 Review

2010 has not been kind to Asgard.   Thanks to the events in ‘Siege” the shining city lies in ruins on a field in Oklahoma. The Asgardians are trying to salvage and rebuild. In the midst of this we see a brutal new threat emerge and the question is posed ” If Asgard is on Earth than what occupies the space where Asgard used to be”.

While the premise sounds cool the metaphysical rambling of a random scientist at the beginning of this comic left me cold.  Reading the pages where he poses that question and tries to explain quantum physics was torture.  Writer Matt Fraction tried to make it humorous and interesting but instead I just rolled my eyes and rejoiced when that part of the book was over.  The rest of the book is alright. The artwork is more cartoony than in previous Thor books and the costumes have taken on more of the sci-fi feel that the asgardians had in the early Marvel comics. It’s not bad but it doesn’t wow me like some of the art in past Thor books.

By the end of the issue Fraction manages to grab my interest and make me want to know where he his going with his Thor run. So in that respect Matt was successful.  Still, I wish I didn’t have to sit through that annoying scientist! I’m sure that what he explained will have significance later on. At least I hope so.

If you are already a Thor fan or a Matt Fraction fan than you will enjoy this book. If you are just looking to check  Thor out and see what his book is like than keep your money. This one isn’t going to “hook” you.

Rating: 6 out of 10.


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