Ultimate Thor Gets his shot at a solo book

Like most geeks that were unable to attend San Diego Comic Con I have been scouring the web for as much coverage of the event as I can find.  Several sites covered a Marvel panel where it was announced that Ultimate Thor is getting his own solo book this fall. The book is going to be written by Jonathan Hickman and drawn by Carlos Pacheco.  I became a fan of Carlos when I read the first arc of Ultimate Avengers for which he handled the art duties.

The original rumor was that this was going to be an ongoing. Now it seems that it is going to be a four issue mini series which I think works much better for Ultimate characters(With the exception of Spider-Man).  The art from this book that Marvel released looks awesome. I’ll probably end up picking up at least the first issue.

Here’s a look at Ultimate Thor:

and Ultimate Volstagg:

I’m curious to see how Hickman manages to combine the “hippie Thor” that Millar wrote with the current more warrior-esque Thor that Loeb has in his Ultimate books.

Marvel also released some teaser art for the upcoming Ultimate Doom mini that will wrap up the “Ultimate enemy” trilogy of minis. I think I’m going to have pick these up. The Ultimate version of Captain Marvel is one of my favorite characters in the Ultimate U and he is in this mini!  The last thing he was in was the Ultimate Galactus trilogy. Check it out:



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