The Red Circle Returns!

In an earlier post I mentioned my sadness over the fact that the Red circle books “The Shield” and  “The Web” are being canceled in June. Well, it turns out that in July DC is putting all of the established DCU Red Circle heroes into a government sponsored super-hero team called “The Mighty Crusaders”.    Not only will this team feature Shield, Inferno, Web and Hangman but it will also introduce some new faces as well.  Originally DC was going to have this be an ongoing but they decided to make it a six issue mini series instead. While I would have preferred an ongoing I can understand why DC chose to do this as a mini. It’s safer to give a fledgling series a start as a mini than to commit to an ongoing.  The first issue of the mini series drops in July. Until then be sure and pick up The Shield and The Web as well as The Mighty Crusaders over sized one shot that comes out in May.

The Mighty Crusaders:


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