Avengers Assemble

This May Marvel begins its self proclaimed ‘Heroic Age”.  They seem to be moving away from darker more depressing stories and moving back towards more upbeat fun stories.  As part of the “Heroic Age” branding effort Marvel is relaunching their Avengers line of books. Three of those titles look really good. 


This one will come out in May and it deals with the “big guns” coming together to take on the major threats to the Marvel U. Much like the Avengers originally did  in times past. This series starts in May-

The next Avengers series that is launching in May is “Secret Avengers”. This is apperently going to be some sort of black ops Avengers team. The line up for this team could be pretty brutal for whatever baddie experiances their wrath-

Finally, In June Marvel will relaunch its popular “New Avengers” series. From what I gather this team is going to deal with more street level and mystical threats.

With all of these sick new titles launching i’m left to scratch my chin and wonder which ones to buy… They all look like they are going to be awesome.

I haven’t been this excited for Marvel books in years!  If you had to pick one which one would you pick?


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