My Pull List for the rest of 2010

April 30, 2010

My “pull list” at my local comic shop is going to be undergoing some changes over the next couple of months. You see like most adults I have to try and survive on what money my employer graciously gives me. Out of that chunk of change I budget around 20 dollars a month for comic books. Sometimes I’ll spend more and sometimes less. My comic shop let’s regular customers have subscriptions or “pull lists” where they will hold books for their customers every month.  As I only budget 20 bucks a month for comics I only have my local comic shop(LCS) hold 20 dollars worth of books for me a month. Makes sense..right?

So here is the way my pull list is shaping up-

I am going to go ahead and collect The Shield and The Web until their final issues drop in June.

Next month DC will launch Zatanna’s long overdue solo book-

and they are relaunching Bird of Prey-

The only Marvel book on my pull list is going to be New Ultimates which is bi-monthly.

I love Marvel’s Ultimate universe and I loved the first issue of New Ultimates!…Internet trolls and critics be damned!

In July The Web and The Shield are going to be in the Team book “The Mighty Crusaders” which will replace The Shield and The Web on my monthly pull list.

Here are a few titles that I will pick up as I am able:

Justice League of America- James Robinson is knocking it out of the park with this one. My LCS gets tons of copies of this book! So when I have the money I will grab it off of the rack. I may add it to my pull in July. I’ll just have to see how things go.

Ultimate Enemy/Ultimate Mystery/Ultimate Doom trilogy of minis- I’ve liked this series OK……Just not enough to make it a priority. That may change when Ultimate Mystery begins.

So in May and June I’ll be getting The Shield, The Web, Birds of Prey, Zatanna, New Ultimates and maybe JLA. From July on I’ll be getting The Mighty Crusaders, Birds of Prey, Zatanna, New Ultimates and I’ll probably go ahead and add Justice League of America to my list at that point.


The Red Circle Returns!

April 21, 2010

In an earlier post I mentioned my sadness over the fact that the Red circle books “The Shield” and  “The Web” are being canceled in June. Well, it turns out that in July DC is putting all of the established DCU Red Circle heroes into a government sponsored super-hero team called “The Mighty Crusaders”.    Not only will this team feature Shield, Inferno, Web and Hangman but it will also introduce some new faces as well.  Originally DC was going to have this be an ongoing but they decided to make it a six issue mini series instead. While I would have preferred an ongoing I can understand why DC chose to do this as a mini. It’s safer to give a fledgling series a start as a mini than to commit to an ongoing.  The first issue of the mini series drops in July. Until then be sure and pick up The Shield and The Web as well as The Mighty Crusaders over sized one shot that comes out in May.

The Mighty Crusaders:

Avengers Assemble

April 20, 2010

This May Marvel begins its self proclaimed ‘Heroic Age”.  They seem to be moving away from darker more depressing stories and moving back towards more upbeat fun stories.  As part of the “Heroic Age” branding effort Marvel is relaunching their Avengers line of books. Three of those titles look really good. 


This one will come out in May and it deals with the “big guns” coming together to take on the major threats to the Marvel U. Much like the Avengers originally did  in times past. This series starts in May-

The next Avengers series that is launching in May is “Secret Avengers”. This is apperently going to be some sort of black ops Avengers team. The line up for this team could be pretty brutal for whatever baddie experiances their wrath-

Finally, In June Marvel will relaunch its popular “New Avengers” series. From what I gather this team is going to deal with more street level and mystical threats.

With all of these sick new titles launching i’m left to scratch my chin and wonder which ones to buy… They all look like they are going to be awesome.

I haven’t been this excited for Marvel books in years!  If you had to pick one which one would you pick?