Captian America:Who Will Wield the Shield One Shot Review

Steve Rogers(the original Captain America) has returned.  A lot of Cap fans have been wondering what will happen to poor Bucky Barnes( the current Cap)? This “one shot” does tell the story it says it will. It lets you know who will be Cap.  I guess in that respect it is successful. The art is well done and the book has some heartfelt moments with Steve and Bucky.  There is also a cool action scene near the end of the book. My problem with this comic is that most of the issue felt like filler. I don’t see why this needed its own special issue or why it couldn’t have been handled in either the Captain America or the New Avengers book.   The only pages that seemed to matter to the overall narrative were the last 5 pages of the book.  The first half features a WW2 flashback that didn’t tell us anything that we didn’t already know.  We already know the back stories of Steve and Bucky and we have seen countless flashbacks that flesh out both characters in the Captain America ongoing.  It just wasn’t needed.

If you’re thinking about buying this book I’d recommend that you just read a spoiler online.  Save your money.

Rating: 4 out of 10


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