Good News for DC Fans This Spring

I have to confess that until I came across the announcements i’m about to share I was beggining to think that Post Blackest Night DCU was going to be a snooze fest. (At Least for me!) I have no interest in the Superman centric “War” event that is coming up. I also have no interest in the “Return of Bruce Wayne”. In fact ever since Grayson stopped being Nightwing and Bruce stopped being Batman i’ve not cared about the bat-family. This is coming from a die hard Nightwing fan. I thought that making Grayson Batman was a step back for a character that had worked so hard to become his own man and not live in the shadow of the Bat.  Tim becoming Red Robin was enough for me to keep the Bat books at arms length.

So just when I started believing that my beloved DCU was no place for me DC announces that Birds of Prey and Legion of Superheroes will be returning this spring. I love the Legion of superheroes and seeing them back with their own book and not just languishing in second feature hell excited me to no end. Also the Birds of Prey are back! Written my master scribe Gail Simone! Awesomeness!I guess there will be some DC books I’ll want to read this year after all!

The Legion of Superheroes!-

Birds of Prey!-


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