The Difficulties of Loving Comics and Living in Forlornia

I love comic books. I have loved them as far back as I can remember.  The hobby really took off for me while I was in college. There was a comic book store not to far from my dorm and i’d go there weekly to pick up my books. Purchasing comics from an actual comic book store is always a lot of fun. There is a certain camaraderie that Comic geeks have. We may not always like the same books or characters but we all appreciate the euphoria that comes with walking out of the store with a nice stack of comics.

It’s also a lot of fun if the store has employees that are fun to talk with as was the case with the store I frequented during my college years.

Fast forward almost seven years and my career has brought me to a small town that I will refer to as Forlornia.  There is no comic book store here. The only comic I can buy in town is the Wolverine kids magazine. (Wal-Mart carries it)  The nearest comic book store is seventy miles away.  As the sole bread winner for a family of four I can’t afford the gas to drive up to said store.

So I get comic books mainly via the subscription services that Marvel and DC offer. My problem with them is that they don’t offer event books or the titles I want to read the most. Not to mention the indie books I would love to read. I am blessed with a single friend that is able to make the 70 mile trip once a month. Through his generosity I have been bale to read the important event books and review them for this  blog. He lets me borrow his books. God bless him!

I’m not sure what I am going to do about collecting comics this year.  For the time being I am not going to renew my subs. After all I don’t want to fall into the trap of just getting books for the sake of getting books. I know of the other subscription services online but those charge your credit card monthly and I’m not wanting to do that at all.

I suppose I could go to all trades for a while.

They look nice on a bookshelf and don’t take up as much space as floppies but I love the floppy. Sigh…There is no easy solution for me. As long as my career has me in Forlornia I will continue the debate with myself: Try and get floppies OR become a ‘trade waiter”? To read? Or to read months later? That is the question.


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