TV and Movies I’m looking Forward To in 2010

So here we are! A new year with some changes in TV shows and a new movie that have my inner geek excited.

David Tennant masterfully exited the role of the Doctor on January second when his incarnation of the Doctor died. I must say that David is MY Doctor.  He is an awesome screen actor and he was truly able to make the role of “The Doctor” his own.  While I was sad to see him go I think that his final episodes were some of the best of his run. He definatly went out with a “bang”.

With that said I am looking forward to the newly regenerated Doctor played by Matt Smith making his mark in the new series that starts sometime this spring. It will be different but that is the bueaty of Doctor Who isn’t it? This larger than life immortal being who changes faces, shapes and bodies every couple of years. It will be interesting what new personality quirks Matt gives to his version of the Doctor:

This year I am also looking forward to Lost finally ending. I know that sounds bad but let’s face it. This is THE season Lost fans have been waiting for.

Finally I am so pumped for Iron Man 2. The first one was awesome and i’m sure the second will be even better. If it sucks I will be a sad man.

So that is some of what I am looking forward to in TV and movies this year. What are you guys looking forward to?


3 Responses to TV and Movies I’m looking Forward To in 2010

  1. Tom Baker says:

    I’m sorry to see David leave but my namesake will forever be my favorite Doctor. I am looking forward to seeing the new doctor.

  2. cynik77 says:

    I’ve never seen the any of the Tom Baker era Doctor Who. I got into it when it was restarted in ’05. I need to check out some of those classic Doctor shows.

  3. Tom Baker says:

    If you like dry humor you will find none better than the Tom Baker incarnation of doctor who.

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