A Quick Threeview

December 14, 2009

I decided to take a break from the “best of” stuff to write up 3 short reviews of Thor #604, New Avengers # 59 and Justice League of America #39:

Thor #604:

The Asgardians now aware of Doom’s macabre experiments launch an assault on Castle Doom. Doom unleashes his “god” doombots and Thor arrives and promises to teach Dr. Doom a lesson. I am looking forward to that “lesson” next month. Solid art, good pacing, lots of action.  I give it a 7 out of 10.

New Avengers #59:

The New Avengers with a little help from some other friends attempt to rescue Luke Cage from the clutches of Norman Osbourne and H.A.M.M.E.R. It was nice seeing the Avengers kicking butt for a change.  The overarching Dark Reign status drags on though. I’m glad Marvel is finally ending it next year.  I give this issue 6 out of 10.

Justice League Of America #39:

The League battles Black Lanterns in this Blackest Night tie in.  As with anything Blackest Night related it is a fun and creepy ride.  Not to mention we get to see Black Lantern Dr. Light in this issue. I thought he was despicable when he was alive…. 8 out of 10.


Best of 09 Part 2

December 10, 2009

Ongoing Comic Book of the Year: Ultimate Comics Avengers

This book reads more like a crazy action film than a traditional comic book.  In the aftermath of Ultimatum Cap goes rogue to try and stop his son “the Red Skull”. SHIELD authorizes Nick Fury to form a black ops team to capture Captian America and deal with the Red Skull. The main reason I picked this book as the best ongoing is becuase it is the one title I can’t wait to get every month. No other book that I am following right now grabs me like Ultimate Avengers.

Kudos to Mark Millar for writing such an intriguing title that truly could only fit in Marvel’s Ultimate Universe.

Best Animated Series: Star Wars: The Clone Wars

I have loved Star Wars ever since my parents took me to see Epsode IV when I was six weeks old. I seem to be one of the few die hard Star Wars fans that I know that enjoyed Episodes 1-3. Yes folks I just admitted that I enjoyed Episode 1: The Phantom Menace.

The Clone Wars Animated series has everything that made me fall in love with Star Wars to begin with: Lightsabers! Lasers! Epic battles in space! And then more lightsabers!

This show introduces new characters like Ahsoka and helps you get to know some of the Jedi and other characters from the Prequil trillogy a little bit better.

The animation, art and storytelling is top notch. Perhaps if the Prequil trilogy had been more like the Clone Wars cartoon than it would have made more fans happy. Regardless, This show is awesome and if you dig Star Wars than I highly recomend it.

Best of 09 Part 1

December 9, 2009

For the next couple of weeks I am going to do a series of posts highlighting what I thought were some of the best and worse TV shows, Comics, and music that was put out this past year. I thought I would start off on a positive note with the Best Event Comic series and the Best Sci-Fi show of 2009:



The DC universe is under siege by the  macabre Black Lantern corps. Dead heroes and villains reanimated and on a mission to destroy the other Lantern corps and snuff out all life in the universe. It has been a wild ride from the start. This is the only event I have read where the main book and the tie ins have been quality reads.  These books also offer a creative twist on the zombie genre that could only come from the brilliant mind of Geoff Johns.


I extolled the sheer awesomeness of this show in a previous post. I don’t have much more to add except to say that this show gets more and more intense with each episode!

Check back later this week or next for Part 2 of the “best of 09”.