Ultimate Avengers is Awesomeness

A while back I posted a blog about what Comics coming out in the later half of 09 I thought were going to be awesome. I thought i’d do a little follow up and “gush” about one of my favorite books “Ultimate Comics Avengers”. I had predicted that this was going to be an incredible book but I had no idea that every issue would be 32 pages of awesomeness. Mark Millar one of the original architects of Marvel’s Ultimate Universe is writing this book and pencils are currently being handled by Carlos Pacheco.

Each one of these issues makes me salivate for the next one. Fear not though as I did not allow any saliva to hit my actual comic. This comic reads like a good action movie with loads of butt kicking and a well thought out plot line to keep the momentum going.  Another thing I like about this book is that the “Avengers” roster is going to change every six issues. They are the “Ultimates” black ops team that Nick Fury assembles for specific missions. The current mission is to bring in a fugitive Captain America who wasn’t very happy when he discovered the origin of the Red Skull. Did I mention how creepy the Ultimate universe’s Red Skull is? Here’s a look-

The Ultimate Red Skull

He is far more creepy than the main Marvelverse’s  Red Skull.  This is  an excellent example of how the Ultimate marvel universe takes older concepts and refreshes them and in the end makes them more interesting (most of the time).

The artwork has been incredible as well. Even if this comic had no words or story it would be worth picking up for the excellent art.

Be warned my fellow comics enthusiasts if you pick up an issue of this you will probably get hooked!


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