New Avengers Issue #55

August 14, 2009
New Avengers 55

New Avengers 55

This issue begins a new story arc as the Avengers debate what  to do about Norman and H.A.M.M.E.R  while a group of  baddies come across a broken piece of Stark Tech that Tony designed to disrupt super powers.  The cabal of villains repair it and needless to say things don’t end well for the Avengers.

Writer Brian Michael Bendis always does a superb job with dialogue and characterization which is evident in this issue in particular. During a meeting Ronin decides that Norman must be killed which doesn’t sit well with Spidey. My favorite Spider-Man line in this issue is “uh, Am I the only one here who wants to you know, ACT heroic in the face of adversity?”  This is also artist Stuart Immonen’s first issue of New Avengers and I must say he does a wonderful job on the pencils.  His art alone breathes new life into this book for me as I couldn’t stand the last art team on this book.  Of course Stuart and Bendis have a long history of working together on Ultimate Spider-Man and their amazing synergy can be seen in the pages of this issue.

If you’re hungering for some action, great characters, and a few humorous moments than I think that this issue of The New Avengers will sate your  appetite.

Rating: 7 out of 10