Blackest Night 1

blackest Night 1

And so it begins! DC’s major event of 2009! Blackest Night DUN! DUN! DUN! The buildup to this event has been brewing in the Lantern titles as the “War of Light” has been in full swing. An ancient prophecy says that the War of light will lead to Blackest Night and the end of all life.  In case you don’t know the War of Light is the war between the various colored Lantern corps. Each color pulls it’s power from certain emotions. For example yellow is fear, red is rage, blue is hope, Orange is avarice and Green is of course willpower.

This issue begins with the human Green Lanterns flying over coast city as part of a parade in their honor. It is explained that this particular day in the DCU is a national day of mourning for the heroes that have lost their lives over the years.  We get to see several panels of DC’s heroes in different cemeteries honoring their dead.  Little do these heroes know that dark machinations have come together and the Black Lantern rings launch and begin reviving dead heroes and villains alike. They rise up as twisted zombie like versions of themselves and that is when the proverbial you know what hits the fan.

One thing I love about this comic is the sense of dread and terror it imparts as we see a few panels of clouds of Black Lantern rings heading across the cosmos reviving the dead.  This first issue also includes the deaths of two major heroes in the DCU as they fall victim to some of their formerly dead friends.

The execution of this comic is flawless. Writer Geoff Johns and Penciller Ivan Reis knocked this one out of the park. It blows my mind to think that this was only the first part and it was this awesome! If Blackest Night continues to build momentum than it could be the comic event of my lifetime.

Rating 10 out of 10


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