Green Lantern:Secret Origin graphic novel review

Green Lantern Secret Origin

Green Lantern Secret Origin is an awesome retelling of the origin of Green Lantern Hal Jordon and so much more.  Fan favorite writer Geoff Johns explores Hal’s emotional past and him overcoming that past on his journey to become a succesful Green Lantern. A lot of the events that transpire are directly tied into the current Green Lantern struggles. We get to see the origin of the Black Hand and more. There is a lot here for both the hardcore GL fan and the newbie.

The pencils of Ivan Reis do a great job of conveying the emotions and actions of the characters that are in this book.  Writer Geoff Johns once again crafts a memorable tale that even though it takes place on a cosmic level the characters are relatable. Good stuff here!

Rating 8 out of 10


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