New Avengers 54 review

New Avengers 54

New Avengers 54

So this is it.  Marvel comics history is made as the Avengers and the new Sorcerer Supreme  do battle with the demon that has been possesing the Hood.  A lot is packed into this issues becuase after the battle resolves Clint Barton and Norman Osbourne conitnue their tiresome media war on each other.  The issue ends with Clint deciding that Osbourne will have to be killed. Well duh!  Get on with it already! My problem with the whole Dark Reign event that Marvel is doing is that the overarching story seems to be moving along at a snail’s pace.  Another problem I have is that a new Sorcerer Supreme in the Marvel universe is a big deal! Yet it almost comes off as filler to me as I am waiting for Dark Reign to go somewhere. Still, it wasn’t a bad issue in and of itself.  There is plenty of action and at least the Sorcerer Supreme storyline reaches a satisfying conclusion. 

This New Avengers arc was my first exposure to Billy Tan’s pencils and even though at first I didn’t like them they have grown on me.  Writer Brian Michael Bendis continues to write memorable dialogue and interesting stories.  I just wish Dark Reign would start coming to a close. I’m sick of Osbourne and his evil cabal running everything.

Rating: 6.5 out of 10


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