Blackest Night 1

July 27, 2009

blackest Night 1

And so it begins! DC’s major event of 2009! Blackest Night DUN! DUN! DUN! The buildup to this event has been brewing in the Lantern titles as the “War of Light” has been in full swing. An ancient prophecy says that the War of light will lead to Blackest Night and the end of all life.  In case you don’t know the War of Light is the war between the various colored Lantern corps. Each color pulls it’s power from certain emotions. For example yellow is fear, red is rage, blue is hope, Orange is avarice and Green is of course willpower.

This issue begins with the human Green Lanterns flying over coast city as part of a parade in their honor. It is explained that this particular day in the DCU is a national day of mourning for the heroes that have lost their lives over the years.  We get to see several panels of DC’s heroes in different cemeteries honoring their dead.  Little do these heroes know that dark machinations have come together and the Black Lantern rings launch and begin reviving dead heroes and villains alike. They rise up as twisted zombie like versions of themselves and that is when the proverbial you know what hits the fan.

One thing I love about this comic is the sense of dread and terror it imparts as we see a few panels of clouds of Black Lantern rings heading across the cosmos reviving the dead.  This first issue also includes the deaths of two major heroes in the DCU as they fall victim to some of their formerly dead friends.

The execution of this comic is flawless. Writer Geoff Johns and Penciller Ivan Reis knocked this one out of the park. It blows my mind to think that this was only the first part and it was this awesome! If Blackest Night continues to build momentum than it could be the comic event of my lifetime.

Rating 10 out of 10


The Beggining Of The End

July 22, 2009

There are five months left until the end of 2009! Only one month until we begin to see Halloween costumes and Christmas decorations creep their way onto store shelves everywhere.  As I look forward to the fall(It’s my favorite time of the year) I see some awesomeness coming in the world of Comics:

bn04_solicitThe War of light and Blackest Night in the DCU is in full swing. The various Lantern corps are locked in combat with each other and the mysterious and gruesome Black Lanterns. AWESOMENESS!!!!!!!!  Normally, I find most line-wide events to be poorly executed money grabs. However, this one looks very cool.

The Shield and other Red Circle heroes enter the DCU

The Shield and other Red Circle heroes enter the DCU

DC comics announced last year that they had acquired the rights to the “Red Circle” line of heroes that was originally put out by Archie Comics way back in the late 50’s/early 60s. These heroes have been in and out of comics ever since then. In the early nineties I read  about their adventures when they were put out on the short lived “!mpact Comics” Now i’m thrilled that I am going to see them back in print and interacting with the main DCU.  In August several of these new heroes will be introduced in a mini-series followed by the Shield and The Web getting ongoings with Co features featuring Inferno and The Hangman.  I’m hoping that this will finally permanently cement these characters into a universe where they will be around a while.  I’d hate to see them fade away into obscurity again!

Ultimate Avengers by Mark Millar!

Ultimate Avengers by Mark Millar!

For a while I didn’t bother with the Ultimate line of Marvel comics. One day I decided to give them a chance and I picked up the Trades of Ultimates 1,2 and 3. The first two volumes were by far my favorite. Mark Millar was the writer behind the first two and I am looking forward to his new Ultimate book “Ultimate Comics Avengers”Starting in August. What are the Ultimate Avengers? Well, from what i’ve read Nick Fury will draft heroes into the team as needed to deal with specific threats. Each story arc will feature a different team of heroes. It will give Mark the chance to expand the Ultimate universe and tell some awesome stories.

Although Marvel purist will shoot me for saying this I personally find the Ultimate universe a lot more intrigueing then the main Marvel U. In my opinion Dark Reign has been more hoopla then substance. I hope that changes but for now make mine Ultimate Marvel!

Green Lantern:Secret Origin graphic novel review

July 13, 2009

Green Lantern Secret Origin

Green Lantern Secret Origin is an awesome retelling of the origin of Green Lantern Hal Jordon and so much more.  Fan favorite writer Geoff Johns explores Hal’s emotional past and him overcoming that past on his journey to become a succesful Green Lantern. A lot of the events that transpire are directly tied into the current Green Lantern struggles. We get to see the origin of the Black Hand and more. There is a lot here for both the hardcore GL fan and the newbie.

The pencils of Ivan Reis do a great job of conveying the emotions and actions of the characters that are in this book.  Writer Geoff Johns once again crafts a memorable tale that even though it takes place on a cosmic level the characters are relatable. Good stuff here!

Rating 8 out of 10

New Avengers 54 review

July 11, 2009
New Avengers 54

New Avengers 54

So this is it.  Marvel comics history is made as the Avengers and the new Sorcerer Supreme  do battle with the demon that has been possesing the Hood.  A lot is packed into this issues becuase after the battle resolves Clint Barton and Norman Osbourne conitnue their tiresome media war on each other.  The issue ends with Clint deciding that Osbourne will have to be killed. Well duh!  Get on with it already! My problem with the whole Dark Reign event that Marvel is doing is that the overarching story seems to be moving along at a snail’s pace.  Another problem I have is that a new Sorcerer Supreme in the Marvel universe is a big deal! Yet it almost comes off as filler to me as I am waiting for Dark Reign to go somewhere. Still, it wasn’t a bad issue in and of itself.  There is plenty of action and at least the Sorcerer Supreme storyline reaches a satisfying conclusion. 

This New Avengers arc was my first exposure to Billy Tan’s pencils and even though at first I didn’t like them they have grown on me.  Writer Brian Michael Bendis continues to write memorable dialogue and interesting stories.  I just wish Dark Reign would start coming to a close. I’m sick of Osbourne and his evil cabal running everything.

Rating: 6.5 out of 10